I’m still alive

Hello together, i’m still here and alive. Can’t believe it’s been 7 months since I last posted here. Shame on me!

But my plan was to finish a cosplay for this years Gamescom and to participate in Blizzards Costume Contest. I failed. Due to some lazy months and less experience in building props. I had to decide, do I rush the costume and have a not so good looking costume or do I cancel it for this years Gamescom. I decided to cancel it. For now it stays in the basement. And in spring next year, I will work on it again. In the meantime I will do some smaller projects. Got a small costume for Gamescome in the works, together with my girlfriend. Will post some photos here when we finish it.

Now some coding & gamedev related stuff, because that is why you’re reading this thing, right?

A few weeks ago I started to learn Python, over at teamtreehouse.com (Use my ref link to try it <3 ). It’s kind of premium, because you pay for it. But the courses are quite good. Lots of videos, mixed with quizes, coding challenges and so on. I use treehouse because they got a Python 3.1 course. I used codecademy before, but they only got a Python 2 course.

So, why I want to learn Python? My list for ideas (apps and games) is growing fast and I’m not able to build something good myself, but I want to! And it’s quite useful for my work as a Systemadministrator.

Beside that my actual game project came up short. I’m working on a Tower Defense game. Because I love tower defense games, since the Warcraft 3 era and always wanted to build one by myself. With the help of two great tutorials, I was able to build a decent wave system and a building mechanic, I even have a theme for that game and have pixeled some sprites, too :) I still have some problems and I got lots of stuff on my list, but the „prototype“ is working.

Besides that, I have decided to participate in the GBJam. It will be tough, cause I will be at a festival that time, but will see if I can come up with something short and hopefully unique.

See you. If you want to read a little bit more updated, follow me on twitter :)


2014 – review

With the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 I decided to start with #gamedev again. I bought Game Maker Studio and did lots of tutorials.  I made a game for the band of my best friend and then I did tutorials again.

At the beginning of 2014 I made a list, „the bis list of 2014“, ok, not so big with only 4 entries, and only two gamedev related, but hm ok. The secret is to have short targets, which you can actually reach.


Note: the list is in german, but whatever 😉

First point was to attend in minimum one GameJam. A didn’t attend any GameJams so far…

Second, attend 1GAM, I made three games in 2014 that I count für 1GAM. Ok, three is better than nothing.

The other points are not gamedev related stuff, but third point was to finish a WoW cosplay for the Gamescom and attend at the Blizzard contest, the cosplay is still unfinished.

And the last point was to visit a foreign country and make some holidays, wherever. My only real holiday in 2014 was a Metal Festival, but it was fun, but too short 😉

But 2014 was overall nice with a few changes and I learned a lot.

I will not create a list for 2015. 😉

Personal Christmas Challenge

Ok, sometimes I need some pressure to come up with things, start to create something and not just procrastinating all the time.

At the moment I’m working on a small platformer, with the Gamemaker Studio  platformer engine from @ZackBellGames . I’m really looking forward to learn both programming and doing game pixel art. At the moment I’m more into the pixel art thing. And with his engine I can focus more on this topic.


I created this little guy and playing around with AutoTileSet at the moment, but can hardly focus on something, because I don’t have a real target to focus on.

So I thought about taking a (personal) challenge, kind of a 24 days long game jam. Here in Germany (and I think in other countries were christmas is a big thing, too) it’s tradition to have an advent calendar, starting at december 1st, to december 24th, and open 1 „door“ per day, behind every door is hiding some choclate or other stuff, depending on the calendar you got 😉

So, I thought about creating a small platformer, with 24 levels, from december 1st, to december 24th, everyday I will create one level for the platformer.

First thing I have to do will be creating a basic game, with a level selection screen, a player target and then happy level designing. I think this could be fun and challenging.

So, let’s prepare for the 24-days-advent-calendar-platformer-level-jam. Anybody want to join the jam?

My first game – the journey

I will tell you the story about my first game. I ever wanted to make games, but never really tried. As a kid I stumbled  over Webdesign and had really fun with it, but than I decided to become a system administrator and this is what I am doing at the moment, day to day. But I’m not really happy with this, I want to create something.

So I decided to take a look into gamedev again and found out that there are many great tools and engines that make the start for learning how to gamedev a lot easier, than it was when I first tried it (maybe 10 years ago), and now we have Youtube and lot’s of great video tutorials.

I came across the website of TrueValhalla. I always loved to read about Success Storys, they are very motivating to me. And from TrueValhallas Story of his HTML 5 games, I came to GameMaker Studio, a software for easy game development. So, I downloaded GameMaker Studio and got the Pro version from a sale a few days later (lucky me 😉 ) and then watched and read tutorials.

And then the Indie GameMaker Contest 2014 came up, I read about it on Twitter and decided to participate, the price money was a quite good motivation. Though I know as an absolute newbie I had no chance to win anything. Ok, I finished my game in time and uploaded it to the contest page. But what now? I didn’t had the time to put all features I wanted in my game. And I thought this could be a nice mobile game, and since YoYo Games had a GameMaker sale and as I purchased the export modules for Android and iOS I wanted to make something for mobile devices.

I changed the gameplay a lot and changed the view from landscape to portrait mode, that you can play the game with one hand. The whole „mobileization“ process took a bit longer than I thought first, but I had a few struggles and problems to deal with, but it turned out quite nice, so proud of my first mobile game. There is one bug that freezes the game some times, I think I found it, but I’m not sure how to fix it at the moment.

You can find my game here in the Play Store.

But for now I have to watch and read more tutorials, to continue with my next games. I started two projects already and planned some small 1 month games till the end of the year.


The problem with finishing a game

First I thought, I don’t have a  problem with finishing a game. But now I know I have one. I had a finished vision of my first game, which I first made for a contest and after that decided to make a mobile version of.

But after I made some progress, I had this feeling that the game isn’t fun. The background music is nice, the graphics are fun to watch, but that alone don’t make a game a fun game. So I decided to implement some new mechanics, where the player have to shake the device and something like this, but that isn’t fun  too in my game evironment.

So, last night I had an idea for new mechanics, but with this new mechanics I have to rebuild a lot of my game. I will change the screen orientation from landscape to portait mode, so that it’s possible to play the game with one hand, if you want.

So, I don’t want to publish a game that’s not fun, even if it’s my first one. I copied my game project and will start to redo the game with the new mechanic and hopefully I will be satisfied with this one and finish it 😉

Maybe I will upload the „old“ version, just to be able to show something to you and to follow the progress I made on this journey.

What’s next?

So, I’ve made a decision. I have a few game ideas in my head, but for learning purpose and because I bought the Android and iOS modules for Gamemaker Studio lately, I will make a mobile version of my first game Rock The Crowd.

So, I started this evening and changed some of the sprites size and added new GUI elements. And of course drew some sketches to have a concept.

Maybe I will finish a basic game tomorrow, but that was it for today.

I definietley have to start earlier. But it’s a pain, after you come home from the day job and then get back to the computer again.  And Hearthstone is so addicting, but after a loosing streak I got back to gamedev 😉

Are there any motivational videos regarding gamedev out there?

Rock The Crowd!



So, my first ever game is out. I finally managed to get the motivation to make a game without a tutorial to get it into the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014.

It is an arcade game, the mechanics feeling a little bit like GuitarHero and such games, but the plan was that you have to impress the crowd by cool Fan Services, before they kick you out. I wanted to add some band Fan Service animations for everytime you destroy a coin, but I hadn’t enough time for the animations.

How to play it? You have to hit the right button on your keyboard, regarding to what the coin is showing on the screen, before it hits the fire wall. If it hits the fire wall, you will loose hp, or „crowd support“. You need 4 hits to destroy a coin, and every coin gives you ten points.

contest_ingame2Despite the Contest, I also added my game to my One Game a Month profile, finally.

So, if you are interested or just a nice guy who wants to play some new games from noobs like me, feel free play my game and (maybe) vote for it in the contest, here is the link to my entry.

I also made a html5 version of the game, you can play it here.

The music was made by my friends progressive metal band Chronoseptic, check them out!

Code and pixel art were made by myself. I hope you enjoyed it. Now I have to deside if I will make a mobile version of this, most for the learning experience of mobile games or start something new.

What do you think?



Hey there!

Hello reader of my brand new site,

As you see the site is pretty empty at the moment, I hope it will change over time.  As you might know this site is about my gamedev hobby. So expect content about gamedev. At the time I am using Gamemaker Studio and can’t really decide whether to focus on learning development oder (pixel)art, cause I like them both very much.

I just finished my first real own game for an entry of the Inide Game Maker Contest 2014. Here is my entry: Rock The Crowd!

Just for your information, I am not a native english speaker and that will be the first blog ever I will write in english. So, please feel free to give me advices on my language, my native english speaking readers :)

You might wonder about the name kawoosh games, so it is really simple. I don’t like choosing names, but I really like Stargate SG-1 and the effect, when the event horizon opens and that huge splash is coming up and of course it offers new opportunities to mankind and so on blablabla, so that’s the first nice sounding name that came up in my head and the first ideas are often the best ideas.

Good n8